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Blockchain-powered Payment Platform Wadz Welcomes Three New Executives

Emerging technology payment solutions company Wadz is happy to welcome three new executives to its rapidly expanding team of passionate and dynamic leaders.

Fabio Paradiso joins the Wadz team as Chief People Officer. Fabio has worked for a number of years in business development, professional services and training, and talent acquisition. As Wadz’s Chief People Officer, Fabio will focus on developing leaders, initiating growth and training opportunities, and steering the company towards optimal organisational health.

Aaron Tan, meanwhile, has been promoted to Regional Vice President for Partnerships. Aaron is a passionate blockchain entrepreneur with extensive experience in tech and marketing startups. His current position will enable him to expand Wadz’s reach to multiple markets while establishing relationships with regulators, market leaders, industry partners, and merchants in order to strengthen the company’s footprint in Asia.

Finally, Wadz has a new Business Development Manager for Singapore and Indonesia in the person of Bahasa Indonesia-fluent Sulaiman Latiff. Sulaiman brings with him an impressive portfolio that encompasses years in financial consultancy, cryptocurrency and commodity trading, research, and OTC brokerage. Through Sulaiman’s network and his ability to communicate in the vernacular, Wadz will gain access to an even wider avenue to meet prospective clients and to explore fresh business ideas and innovations, particularly in Indonesia. This will be critical for Wadz’s first wave of expansion abroad.

Wadz CEO Anish Jain expressed his support for the three new Wadz executives. “With their admirable skill set and strong sense of leadership, I believe they will be major contributors to the growth of Wadz,” Anish said. “I am happy to have them on board and I look forward to working with them.”

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Wadz is a collaboration among payments, blockchain, and AI experts to create a sustainable and scalable payment processing ecosystem. The technology will revolutionize traditional payments and deliver a brand new and interactive experience for consumers and merchants. The platform leverages blockchain technology for payment processing and AI for smart data analytics.

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Wadz, RelationWork headlines discussion on blockchain payment and its impact on businesses

Emerging technology payment solutions company, Wadz Pte Ltd, successfully headlined a panel discussion alongside several noteworthy companies such as web portal services provider, RelationWork, and non-profit blockchain academia, the Institute of Blockchain.

While the panel discussion primarily revolved around blockchain payments and their impact on businesses, it also went into current real-world applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as well as macroeconomic-based insights that participants can use as leverage to transform their respective businesses.

Among the distinguished panel of speakers are c-suite executives from myriad industries. One of them was Growth Marketing Studio CEO Thibaut Briere who has been in the B2B marketing for more than 13 years. Thibaut spoke about the importance of educating prospective customers about what blockchain is before introducing a blockchain-powered product. “Since there are many complexities about blockchain, education should come first,” Thibaut explained. “If they understand the value of your product, then it is easier for you to market it.”

The next speaker, Institute of Blockchain president Alvin Chua, is a leading fintech leader in Singapore, having received multiple awards in the field and is the curator of the first cryptocurrency course in the country. His talk focused on profitability and usability noting that apps driven by blockchain raised millions of US dollars in 2018 alone. “Cryptokitties, which are basically digitized beanie babies, amassed USD 15 million last year,” Alvin said. “Its highest transaction was an unbelievable USD 170,000 for a digital cat sold over a blockchain network — that is the future.”

Wadz Chief Operating Officer, Ghislain Bonamy, tackled the final topic of the night — infrastructure. He spent years developing analytical technologies and co-founded an Ethereum-mining company. He elaborated on the company’s blockchain-driven payment platform which has been gaining significant traction in Asia, especially after it announced its IEO crowd sales in November 2019. He also expounded on how Wadz’s infrastructure provides solutions to some gaps in the current financial system. “Our platform allows real-time data exchange and financial access for all at low transaction fees while utilizing a simple user interface,” Ghislain said. “Our platform is also supplemented with AI technology for targeted marketing, market trend predictions, cash flow management, and inventory management.”

This is just a first in a long line of blockchain forums that Wadz has in the pipeline. Its next major event will be at PSB Academy City Campus on October 25, 2019. The said discussion will focus on the impact of blockchain technology on finance, logistics, and global travel.

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