What is Wadz?

Wadz is an inclusive payments infrastructure that leverages on blockchain technology to incentivize data ownership for consumers and businesses, and to redefine payment processor technology.

Where can I download Wadz?

Our mobile application for iOS and Android will be coming soon, do stay tuned by staying connected to our community channels!

Who can use Wadz?

Wadz is an inclusive infrastructure; it is for everyone! 

If you are a consumer – Wadz offers cheaper selections to products and services! 
If you are a business owner – you can take advantage of our solutions to handle your business logistics cheaply and efficiently!

We are also actively looking for partners to work together in enhancing the blockchain ecosystem as a whole – do contact us at info@wadz.com if you are interested!

How do I get my business onto Wadz?

Please send an email to info@wadz.com 

I would like to make contributions into Wadz private placements, how do I do so?

Please send an email to info@wadz.com

Will Wadz do an IEO?

We are currently in discussions with several exchanges regarding an IEO. Rest assured, we have the community in mind when selecting an exchange that best benefits the community. 

What is the soft cap and hard cap?

Our soft cap is at USD 6 million and hard cap is at USD 10 million 

Need a question answered? Send us an email at info@wadz.com