About Us

Wadz was initially conceptualized as a Blockchain-anchored payments platform that is aimed at solving merchant pain points when utilizing conventional payment processors, and providing merchants with access to accepting digital payments. The concept of Wadz has since evolved based on the current state of the Blockchain and payments ecosystem, where further research has found that the surrounding targeted segments can be further boosted if various underlying issues were solved.

We have since further expanded on our core initiatives to the realms of data ownership, emerging markets and financial inclusion. Based on the team’s wealth of experience, the team is confident in making the following vision a reality:

  1. To enable all merchants with access to accepting digital payments
  2. Provide the unbanked with access to previously unattainable services
  3. To ease the usage of Blockchain products, even by people who have no knowledge of Blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies
  4. To monetize personal data anonymously as well as allow merchants to purchase affordable and reliable data
  5. To build a cohesive and positive contribution-based ecosystem
  6. To create a payments platform where different solutions can communicate and collaborate with each other through sharing of valuable data across the ecosystem

We are constantly looking to recruit the best talent for our team.
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Our Team

Anish Jain

Founder & CEO
Anish is an incisive leader with over 15 years of extensive experience with two of the top payment processing companies in the world. In his last role as Vice President for Market Development with MasterCard, he managed markets such as Asia, Australia, Middle East & Africa. In this role, he led and executed several successful payments projects across the region with Telco's, Airlines, Large Retailers, Governments, etc. Prior to MasterCard, he was the Client General Manager for American Express and was posted in various geographies including India, Australia, and Singapore. In addition, Anish also currently oversees a successful asset management company in Singapore, and his family manages a number of successful telecommunication projects in India and Africa. Anish holds a Masters in Business Administration & a Masters in Finance.

Fabio Paradiso

Chief Operating Officer
Fabio Paradiso is a Talent Acquisition and Talent Management specialist. He brings with him over 15 years of experience in helping companies reach their growth objectives by implementing scalable, human capital strategies.  ​ Hailing from Italy, he spent a few years perfecting the trade in San Francisco, providing talent acquisition services to Silicon Valley-based companies such as Apple, Google and Genetech. He then moved to South-East Asia to kick start the Singapore office on behalf of two International Tech recruitment firms. Fabio also co-founded Zero2Group Pte Ltd, a Tech recruitment and talent acquisition consulting firm in Singapore, in which he is now the managing director of.

Aaron Tan

Regional Vice President for Partnerships
Aaron is a passionate blockchain entrepreneur and the co-founder of Nakka Singapore, a venture and community building company that focuses on emerging tech and blockchain solutions. Being a consultant and core team member of several ICOs has enabled Aaron to acquire a wide range of business development and sales experience in the blockchain industry. Prior to working in the arena of blockchain technology, Aaron has worked in tech and marketing startups, SMEs, as well as Government-linked organizations in Singapore. Aaron brings to Wadz a fresh, entrepreneurial, ground-up perspective that highly reflects the new generation of millennial blockchain entrepreneurs.

Sulaiman Latiff

Business Development Manager - Singapore & Indonesia
Sulaiman worked for over 3 years as a sales consultant and OTC broker for cryptocurrencies. As an OTC Broker, he handled multi-million dollar transactions across multiple countries with a multitude of clients ranging from angel investors to big corporations. Consequently, he grew a large network of high net worth individuals in the brokerage space.  ​ In addition, being multilingual and fluent in Bahasa Indonesia will help the development of Wadz business in Indonesia and support the onboarding and coordination of merchant acquisition there. His large network of connection is critical for the rapid growth of Wadz in this first wave of expansion abroad Contact Me

Liew Jia Jun

Marketing and Communications Manager
Jia Jun is a generalist with a core focus on marketing and passion for emerging technologies. With his technical and programming knowledge, Jia Jun can decipher the latest blockchain trends and position them in-line with his scope.  Prior to joining Wadz, Jia Jun has worked with multiple blockchain companies in developing and executing strategies that are not limited to - community management, marketing strategies, product development and content creation.  With his successes and wealth of experience in the blockchain space, Jia Jun is expected to not only make an impact on marketing strategies - but across various functions of Wadz. 

Ilana Aninditya

Marketing Executive – Indonesia
Ilana worked for almost a decade as the wordsmith of various startups in Asia mostly based in Indonesia and Singapore. Her main role in as a digital marketer in startups were writing articles, social media posts, press releases, translations, and content creation.  Ilana comes with extensive experiences as a content writer for different businesses such as HR, customer services and travel. She has written a broad range of content from feature stories to technical writing.  Ilana’s passion for Blockchain technology and FinTech will help in bringing in a different perspective for our marketing efforts. She also holds a degree in journalism and media at one of Indonesia’s most prestigious University, the University of Gadjah Mada. 

Bipasha Bhattacharyya

Head of Merchant Training
Bipasha worked for over 15 years in the arena of training, coaching and leadership development. She obtained a Certified Leadership Coach (ICF Accredited) and was trained by Mr. Peter J Reding MCC. During the course of her career, she works extensively on management capability, transformation, and leadership initiatives.  ​ Bipasha works across Asia and in particular with leaders from India, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Thailand. As a seasoned consultant, she combines her passion for learning and business to create engaging and highly relevant training courses and documentation. 

Tomas Povilaitis

Co-Founder at Tomo Global | Associate Partner at Connect Capital
Tomas Povilaitis is the co-founder of Tomo Global – an incubator and accelerator firm focusing on building an ecosystem of businesses, utilizing TomoChain’s technology with a common vision on blockchain adoption. He is also an associate partner of Connect Capital – a VC fund that has a significant emphasis on high-quality projects that are focused on the Asian markets.  Tomas gained his experience in payments and banking industry by developing fintech projects in Europe for International Business Settlement - a HK public listed company, where he is still a board member.   Tomas will be advising Wadz on navigating blockchain investments landscape as well as technology deployment to online marketplaces. 

Simon Wong

Chief Executive Officer at SCW Consulting Pte Ltd
Simon is a seasoned executive with over 20 years in tech startups, venture capital, corporate finance, marketing, strategic business initiatives, operations, and process improvement.   His experience covers international business development and finance in Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific. He has recently worked with various startups on scaling up and developing businesses, growing strategic partnerships and running operations.   Simon has a strong process improvement and project management background, having completed Six Sigma Black Belt training. He speaks English, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia, and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Finance. 

Shawn Tham

Founder and CEO of Revent World Pte. Ltd.
Shawn is a Singaporean serial entrepreneur, who worked for over 10 years in the construction business. He eventually ventured into finance and work for several years at AXA and Manulife, where he managed sales teams and contributed to business development.  Shawn eventually gained an interest in Blockchain technology and was involved in mining & trading as early as 2016. More recently, his insatiable passion for technology led him to support and advise several tech companies. Shawn has played different roles from CMO, CTO, and COO.  As a veteran in the space of Blockchain, Shawn will be instrumental in merchant acquisitions for Wadz.