Internet economy in Asia has tripled over the last 3 years and is now at
USD 100 billion
Indonesia and Vietnam leads internet economy growth at an excess of
40% annually

Opportunities in Emerging Markets

50% (almost 200 million people) in Indonesia and Vietnam are unbanked

The unbanked have limited access to services such as financial institutions, healthcare and loans

Average annual income in Indonesia and Vietnam is only USD$2000

Digital wallet penetration in Indonesia and Vietnam is stagnant at 6-7%

Scalable and Accessible Architecture for Emerging Markets
Proof-of-Contribution (PoC)

Scalable Governance Protocol – Staked WTK are used as collateral where participants would be eligible for dispute votings and also to dissuade participants from malicious activities

Accessible Staking Mechanism – Requirements for PoC staking are low so that everyone stands a chance to participate

Maximize Contribution and Growth – Staked participants are required to make positive contributions in order to qualify for the quality incentives. More positive contributions equates to more rewards

Decentralized AI-enabled Reputation System

Decentralized Dispute Resolutions – Voters in dispute resolutions are selected at random from the list of staked participants

Minimize Malicious Activities – Users with bad reputation scoring will result in deduction of collateralized WTK. If no WTK is staked by malicious user, the particular user will be punished by suspension or barred from using Wadz

Fast Dispute Settlements – Disputes are settled quicker as there is no need for a support team to resolve them

Data Sharing Economy

Anonymous Data Monetization for Consumers – Consumers can monetize their behavioral and transaction data while remaining anonymous

Access to Reliable and Valuable Data for Merchants – Merchants will be able to purchase reliable and valuable data to spur business growth

Additional Income for Emerging Markets – Personal data has been evaluated to be worth up to USD$200 by various sources, additional income for people in emerging markets can translate to higher buying power

Blockchain-anchored Payment Processor

Multi-currency Payments – Wadz will support multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat for user’s preffered payment methods

Secure and Transparent – Being on Blockchain ensures that all transactions are transparent and to ensure zero charge-backs

Lowest Fees vs Payment Leaders – Merchants are charged low fees when using Wadz, this also means that consumers can purchase goods at lower prices or to get rebates for using Wadz as payment

Inclusive Infrastructure

White-Label Solutions – Wadz can easily be white-labeled, and in-turn draw in more merchants and consumers into the ecosystem

Lower Barrier to Entry – Merchants and consumers can be on-boarded easily. Merchants can choose to come directly onto Wadz platform or choose to attach our shopping cart plugins onto their online stores. Consumers can be on-boarded with fiat or connect any cryptocurrency wallets or account from an exchange

Financial Services for the Unbanked – Financial service providers can be a part of the Wadz ecosystem to allow the underserved to have access to services such as loans, insurance and health care

WTK Use Cases

Staking WTK to get rewards for making positive contributions

Instant fiat/crypto settlements

Purchase of reliable consumer data

Access to AI commerce solutions and Wadz services

Lower transaction fees

Discount/rebates on goods and services

Wadz vs Other Payment Market Leaders

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