Thomas Lee Warren

Advisor - Innovation & Technology

Thomas is is a “serial disrupter”.   AI (Machine & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP), Robotics, Blockchain/Smart Contracts, Quantum Algorithms, DevOps, DataOps, and Cyber-Security are a primary focus.

He has been a major voice in establishing R2 Data Labs at Rolls-Royce which is focused on developing re-imagined customer services and products that incorporate thought leadership in emerging technologies, securing funding, and leveraging the power of an eco-system of partners that include Universities, Start-ups, Scale-outs, and Government.

Thomas will be driving Innovation, Technology and Product Development at Wadz. He will be responsible for the architecture and design of the Wadz Core.

He is the Group Digital CTO/CTO R2 Lab – Rolls Royce. Founding member to establish a new industrial focused world-renowned Masters programs in Big Data and AI, based at leading universities across the UK. Founding member and leader of the Aerospace Blockchain Consortium that is driven to transform the logistics and manufacturing base across the Industry.